Tradition Jagai

                                           "Giving Pickles On The Bajang in Alas custom"

Kutacane (18/10/2014) Jagai is one of the customs belonging to Pekojeken (Wedding and circumcision) in Alas tribal tradition, the meaning of the word "Jagai" is to be the bride (the Bujang) before her two-day marriage contract in Take place. In the two days before the marriage ceremony takes place the prospective bride (Si Bujang) and the groom (The Belaghak) will sit kneeling at the door of the house where at that time guests, neighbors, relatives will come with rice sprinkling on the heads of the two bride Women with the intention of giving the blessing of their marriage the day after tomorrow.

                                               "Sowing of Rice at a Time in Pekojeken"

After the rice sowing has finished and the guests, neighbors, and relatives have arrived, there will be a meal together (the big meal) where the guests and the sisters will sit on the cushions lined up and facing each other just like a big meal of Pemamanen. After the big meal is over then held the name of the pickling / inai as well as in Minangkabau there is the name Bainai Night where the baby daro (Bride) is given a pickle / inai one night before baralek gadang (Marriage), with the intention was to take care of the child Daro from the dangers and also functioning red on his nails to sign to other people that he had married so free from gossip if he went alone with her husband anywhere later. In the Bainai Night the pickle must be an odd number of nine fingers, according to the tradition in the village, the occasion on this bainai event every parent requested to attach the fingers to the fingers of the prospective child after they usually finish whispering into the ears of the child daro . The whispers can last a long time, can be very short. The point is probably to give very secret advice about married life, or it could be just a joke to make the prospective child not just scowling in front of the crowd. Same thing in jagai but in custom Jagai finger handed all may be all hands and anyone can menginaikannya.!


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