Cimpe Makanan Khas Kutacane (Suku Alas)

This one snack has been very popular among the people of Central / Southeast Aceh, Tanah Karo, and even known also in South Tapanuli (Mandailing).
This typical food, the way of making it slightly different when compared with some areas that make as a typical snack. So in the case of the mention of the name. In Kalak Alas (Red-Orang Alas) usually refer to this food as cimpe.
While in Gayo to know this food with a different name of the gutel. In Karo called cimpa unung. The way of making and presenting it is slightly different for both the cimpe, cimpa unung, and gutel names, but the ingredients are the same.
Examples of the difference alone before steamed cimpe will be wrapped on pandan leaves while on unung cimpa wrapped with banana leaves or palm leaves. While in Gayo there are wrapped with banana leaves there are also directly steamed, without the pads first.
The ingredients we need to prepare and how to make it are rice flour, grated coconut, brown sugar plus white sugar (there are also palm sugar and red). Then stirred all after it was thrown using the hands to form oval. Then wrapped with pandan leaves, the final stage is cimpe / gutel steamed for 20 or 30 minutes, good luck.
(Irza Kurniawan)


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