Main Components (Basic) A Computer

The basic components of a desktop computer are the computer case, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power cord. Each component plays an important role when you use a computer.

Case (box) computer

The computer case is a box made of metal and plastic containing the main components of the computer, such as the main circuit board (motherboard), CPU, and power supply (power supply). The front of the case generally has an On-Off button and one or more optical drives. 
The computer case is made in various shapes and sizes. A case of desktop computers and monitors is usually placed on a flat table. The computer case shaped like a tower is placed adjacent to the monitor or placed on the floor. An all-in-one computer is a computer where the main components (usually placed inside a case) are mounted built-in inside the monitor, which can save space.

Monitor (screen) 

The monitor works in conjunction with a video card (inside a computer case) to display content (images and text) on the screen. 
In general, the monitor has several buttons to access the monitor settings menu (such as screen brightness) or built-in speakers. Newer version of monitor displays usually use LCD (liquid crystal display) or LED (light-emitting diode). This type of monitor has a very thin thickness, and is usually called a flat screen. More conventional monitor versions use CRT (cathode ray tube). CRT monitors are larger and heavier, and require more space.


The keyboard is one of the main components that serves to interact with the computer. Keyboards have a variety of types, but most have the same utility.
 You can press the buttons below to learn the parts of the keyboard.


The mouse is also an important tool for interacting with computers. Generally the mouse is known as a pointing device (pointer), which serves to point or shift an object on the monitor. 
There are two common types of mouse: optical and mechanical. Optical mouse uses electronic eyes to detect movement and easier to clean. While the mechanical mouse uses a rolling ball to detect motion and must be cleaned regularly to function smoothly.


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