Mountain national park leuser aceh southeast

Mount Leuser

pesona wisata leuser

Gunung Leuser National Park is the largest protected area of ​​flora and fauna in Southeast Asia. It is estimated there are about 3,500 species of flora in this national park. Rare plants contained in this national park among other types of rafflesia is Rafflesia Zippelni. This national park area includes swamp forests on the West coast of Aceh to tropical forest areas in the central lowlands. The world community calls Mount Leuser National Park as one of the world's lungs. To preserve the flora and fauna of this national area, the EU community is supporting its conservation. In the national park area, live four species of the rarest animals in the world that is tiger, rhinoceros, elephant and orang utan. It is estimated that there are about 500 tigers, 100 rhinoceros and 300 elephants are in the national park area, in addition to more than 300 species of birds. The most easily found animals are monkeys. With an altitude of more than 1,500 meters above sea level, the forests in this national area are rich with orchid plants. Inside the national park area Alas River flows are widely used tourists for rafting sport activities. Rafting enthusiasts can try the ferocity of the Alas River that flows into the district of South Aceh while enjoying panoramic views of the natural beauty of Aceh's tropical forest and traditional folklore. Adventure along the Alas River for three days and two nights pass through various places with impressive scenery including animals living in riverside forests such as monkeys, birds and other animals living in the forests by the river.
The journey down the river by boat can start from Muarasitulan in Kutacane to Wave. For those who are professionals in the rafting area can take a further mileage that starts from Angusan near Blangkejeran. One access to enter the national park area is Gurah located in the middle of the Alas Valley. Gurah is located between Blangkejeran and Kutacane towns located on the west side of Alas River. Facing the Gurah, across from the Alas River, Ketambe is home to the world-renowned flora and fauna research and conservation center. Experts gather at this research center to research animals and plants in national parks (including foreign researchers), but this place is closed for tourist visits. Many tourists enter Gurah from Brastagi and through Kabanjahe in North Sumatra Province and then to Kutacane followed by riding the labi-labi to Gurah. This route will pass through the beautiful panorama of Mount Sinabung and Alas Valley. Visitors are prohibited from entering the national park area without the officer's permission and must be accompanied by a guide. Entry permits and guides can be obtained from the PHPA office in Tanah Merah, approximately one hour by riding the labi-labi from Gurah or 15 minutes from Kutacane. Guides can also be found in a number of inns in Gurah and also in Kutacane. In addition to being a walkthrough, they will help visitors set up tents at night, cook food, carry items and show you the wild world. Kutacane which is located 43 Km from Gurah is the nearest town from the entrance of the national park. In Kutacane visitors can buy supplies or make a call, before embarking on an "adventure" entering the national park.


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