Pemamanan Adat suku alas (Sunatan)

Category: Traditions
Cultural Elements: Rituals
Province: Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
Origin of the Region: Kutacane (Southeast Aceh)

The tribal society of Aceh Tenggara has a unique circumcision procession for boys. The tradition used to be called this security has been decades since. Security is famous for horse-riding events. Usually a boy who will be circumcised in peusijuk or in Malay is often called fresh flour first.Tradisi this there are doing for seven days tujum night there is also doing it four days and four nights.Dergantung ability of the family. And if the security is done with luxury , The family cut one or two oxen / buffalo. Like a marriage party, the first day, the second, until the sixth day, the house that held a celebration visited by their relatives from the father and mother, and the village community. Usually the food served for the law is cooked in mutual assistance. On the seventh or the last day of the procession, a procession of horses carrying a "bride" of circumcision was performed. At that time the family entourage will come to the home of their mother's sister who awarded the horse. The number of horses was adjusted to the desired arrangements of parents who have a celebration. That night, the "substitute" of circumcision was circumcised by the mantri. After circumcision, the "bride" of circumcision is put to sleep on a bed whose mosquito nets are made from the custom fabric of the Alas community. The shutters were in the living room. In addition to dikelambui, above, in the middle, tied a string (like clothesline) as a place to hang clothes that have been worn custom.


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