The samurai are identical to the one-eyed long sword known as Katana, but basically the word Samurai does not refer specifically to Japanese men who use swords as combat devices. Samurai are also accustomed to using arrows, chain balls but are very popular with swords because the use of swords is easier and more practical.
In addition to the one-eyed sword, the Samurai also often used Yumi until the 16th century before firearms were discovered. Yumi or Japanese Composite Compress is a very deadly weapon of its time. Yumi has a very unique shape and makes it possible to use various kinds of bow either arrow with Fire (Berzier) and also pana as marker or Gesture. Yumi has an effective reach of 100 meters with a 200 meter shot for inaccurate accuracy.
The widespread use of katana to the samurai makes Katana very close to the Samurai to the end in the Bushido era Katana is considered to be the Spirit of the Samurai until sometimes the reliability of a samurai depends on the Sword. The story also produces many stories of swords and naming the swords of sophisticated Samurai who are the target of other samurai. Katana was not known in the 11th century until the 13th century, the name is better known by the term Tachi atay Uchigatana, this name digunkana until the Edo period. 


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