As already explained earlier that Katana is the Soul of a Samurai naun it turns out there are many types of swords other than Katana which is often used in Edo period. The Japanese samurai are divided into several types based on the size that refers to Shaku. One Shaku has a length of about 30 cm. Based on its size, here are the types of swords: 

1. Tanto's sword 
Tanto's sword is a one-eyed sword with the smallest size of the Japanese Sword line. Tanto measuring less than 1 Shaku which is about 25 cm, although the shape is included in the category of Knives but Tanto often brought by the Japanese women behind Obi (belt on Kimono) them. Tanto is used as a defense weapon by stabbing it suddenly into the body of the opponent at close range.

2. Wakizashi's sword 
 Wakizashi is a sword with a maximum size of 2 Shaku or shorter than Katana. This sword is also used by the samurai as a second weapon. Samurai fight with two swords where the second sword is always shorter than the main sword.

3. Kodachi's sword
 Kodachi's sword is a short sword widely used by Japanese policemen in the past. Pedengan size is less than two Shaku but longer than Wakizashi and shorter than Katana. Structurally, Kodachi's shape is more straight than Wakizashi's curve. Sword size less than 2 shaku make this sword does not matter if brought anywhere because in Edo period only Samurai who can memabwa Katana.

4. The Katana Sword
 Katana is one type of sword that is not only famous in japan but also throughout the world. Samurai warriors are the ones who are most meritorious in introducing Katana to the whole world whereas Katana is a more identical sword used by the ninja than the Samurai. Katana has a length of about 2.5 Shaku to 3 Shaku and includes a forbidden sword in Japan. Katana may only be owned and freed by samurai. Katana is used in close combat or Close-Quarter Combat.

5. Sword of Tsurugi
 Tsurugi is a legendary sword that has a larger mass than Katana. If the katan enters speed, then Tsurugi is reserved for troops with heavy armor or soldiers in the tournament. Tsurugi does not curve like a katana, a lyrical form and resembles a sword from the land of ginseng.

6. Yari 
Almost the same as Naginata, Yari is a spear with the tip of a straight sword. The difference is that if Naginata uses Katana at the end, Yari uses a Chokuto-type straight Sword. Its use is to confront the enemies and also the battle of the Chaos Type.


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