The Crushed Alasku Warrior!

                                                      "Tragedy of Kuta Reh Fort"

Kutacane (02/10/2014) still remember you young generation Tanoh Alas about the history of Panglime Guru Leman, Syeh H. Hasan, T. Bedussamad, Panglime Jim, Panglime Bedul Mamas (Panglime Beard), Raje Dewa, Raje Bintang and Martyr ? Maybe let the young generation in question, the old generation who age 45-50 years also do not know about the history of the martyrs and heroes who have surrendered all the souls of his body for the independence of this land from the shackles of Dutch colonialism? Still remember you also Genocide Benteng Kuta Reh? This genocide occurred 110 years ago or on June 14, 1904, where as many as 2,922 people Alas massacred by troops Gotfried Coenraad Ernst van Daalen on the orders of the Dutch Military Governor in Aceh, the martyrs alone consists of 1773 men and 1449 women (According to Asnawi Ali) But According to Kempes and Zentgraaff more victims are 4,000 people. This is the first genocide done by the Dutch in Indonesia.? Or do you know if Kutacane is the leading Citadel of Indonesia (Aceh) from the attack of Dutch military aggression, Kutacane has become the defense headquarters of Let.Kol. Djamin Gintings, Commander of the TNI Regiment IV moved from Karo land at that time. Is this story told or disclosed? Very in pity if the next generation will only tie the heroic story of cut nyak dien, teuku umar or commander polem. Whereas they also have their own heroes who are not less heroic. This article is not to search the case or cornering Local Government, it's good if we write back their story before Alas historians who generally died elderly, remember the word bung karno "Jas Merah" do not forget the history, the great nation is A nation that respects heroes, not by remembering them continuously but simply by posting them so that the history of our land will not break in the eating of the times, it is clear that our history is not impossible that others will be interested in studying our history. It would be very funny if we do not have the identity as a clear history of its origin not by making it up! Hopefully with this little article I can open the eyes of the officials there, so much of me!


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