Role and task support in point blank

What is Support?

A support at Point Blank is the most conscious and understanding team in the field. So the support is the first or second person who knows where the killing zone at that time and how the condition of the team itself and the opposing team in the face of the killing zone. After knowing the condition of the battle, a support must make the opposing team feel the nightmare by reducing their movement and simultaneously weaken the formation of the opponent with a rain grenade or a shot to a point.

For enemis cornered by grenades

Because it has the best understanding of conditions, a support must also be able to stop the enemy's efforts to rear from the back, so the enemy can not do backstab or pincer attack.If a supporter sees an opportunity to attack, they will give a sudden rush transfer or enter a certain point in a folder that nobody was before and launch an attack from there.When a rusher manages to master an important point on a map, a supporter must make a perimeter at that point to prevent the rusher of the opposing team from pushing back inside. So you could say support always keep moving behind the rusher while waiting for the opportunity to spew all the ammunition and explosives they carry.


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