Point Man. 

What is Point Man's job and Point Man's function in the PB team? Well this time the admin will discuss the task and function leader in the team. The task of a leader in the team there are 3, namely: 

1. Carry, the task of a point man in essence is as a carry, a pointman must have a good aim to be relied upon to get the kill to the opponent, even though point man as carry. Of course the role of support and rusher here is very important, and a carry must have good 1vs1 skills so that if he becomes the last man in the team, can get the point. 

2.Killer Machine, yes killing machine. Point man is basically relied upon to kill his "opponents", to be able to kill his opponents, not to lose the role of support who do spamming or flaring to make his opponent hit by damage, then completed by the point man this. So he can kill and get a spot where it is considered possible to menajdi key victory. 

3.Back Stabber, here the term back stabber is often interpreted as (membokong opponent) where a point man ordinary play play first, is behind the line of defense. He will make a sudden attack "if his support and rusher have entered into a spot on guard, though this often sacrifices support or rusher, but as point man must do this to get the point.


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