July 24, Aceh Tenggara First First Had a Bupati

AFTER through the long struggle, Major Syahadat succeeded in convincing Pangkowilhan I, Lieutenant General Koesno Oetomo endorses de facto territoriality of Tanah Alas and Gayo Lues as Southeast Aceh District. On December 22, 1972, the Central Government sent a team under the leadership of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Maj. Gen. Sunandar Priyosudharmo to check Kutacane's final preparations. After the check, two years later, the central government finally issued Law No.4 of 1974 on the establishment of Southeast Aceh Regency. Then, on July 24, 1975, in a definitive way, the Shahadat was appointed as the first regent of Southeast Aceh. The long struggle since 1956 has finally paid off. Chronology of the formation of Southeast Aceh Regency began in 1957. At that time, December 6, 1957, the formation of the establishment of regency committee for Tanah Alas and Gayo Lues region through a meeting in Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MIN) Prapat Hulu. The current chairman of the form was T. Syamsudin. From this simple meeting held a larger meeting with 200,000 people to express the attitude of the formation of Southeast Aceh Regency. The then governor of Aceh, Muzakkir Walad appointed Syahadat as the representative of Central Aceh for Gayo Lues and Tanah Alas. Syahadat was asked to develop chess of Southeast Aceh development program. At that time, Major Syahadat was present as the head of Sector VII KDMA Staff. Its presence brings fresh air to the people of Southeast Aceh. From here then the embryo of Southeast Aceh Regency stand alone with own regents, namely Syahadat. In the historical era of struggle against invaders, the area of ​​Gay Gayo Southeast Aceh is very wide. His position is right in the middle of the hill line. Land area of ​​Alas and Gayo Lues at that time reached 10,487Km2 or equal to 1,048,700 hectares. Spur population reached 12,400 inhabitants. Prior to the expansion in 2002, the area of ​​Southeast Aceh was 9.635 Km2. After the expansion of the region with the birth of Gayo Lues Regency on 10 April 2002 based on Law no. 4/2002, the Southeast Aceh region lives 4,165.63 km2. Much of this area is in the Alas Valley. As it should be, today has become an important moment for Southeast Aceh, because today in 37 years ago, Southeast Aceh first had its regional head. Happy to remember history..


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