How to Install Windows 7 with Flashdisk Complete with Images

Setting BIOS for Booting from Flashdisk
1. Do not remove the bootdisk that has been bootable earlier. Leave it in the condition installed on your computer / laptop.

2. Restart your computer / laptop, then press DEL key to enter BIOS menu. The most common keys used to enter the BIOS menu are DEL, F1, F2, or Fn + F2, depending on the manufacturer of your laptop / motherboard.

3. You will see the BIOS menu display as shown below. After that, move to the Boot tab using the ◄ ► button.

4. The following figure shows that the device that is in the top sequence is HDD. So your computer / laptop will boot the first time from HDD.

5. In order for your computer / laptop to boot the first time from the flash, you need to place Removable Devices at the top. How to select Removable Devices, then slide using the + / - button to be in the top sequence as shown below.

6. Then press F10 to save the result settings as well as exit the BIOS menu.


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