Get to know Rusher

What is Rusher

Rusher is the main fragger in the team, for that he must have the best aim among his comrades. Because Point Blank is not familiar with ingame economics then a Rusher can carry anything as long as comfortable to use and usually has a high ROF (rate of fire). A Rusher has three main tasks. The first is, as the opponent's defense breaker while eliminating his opponents one by one. To break the opponent's defense, Rusher usually uses dual weapons such as Kriss or OA-93. When a Rusher performs his function correctly he will be the first person to have a score on the score board. Being the first person to deal with an opponent, a Rusher is expected to kill as many enemies as possible. For that Rusher is also a major fragger for the team.
The last task of a Rusher is to become a lurker who can move freely to anywhere. When moving freely this is a Rusher must provide feed or information on the team, in the form of dangerous places, which can be exploited and opponent's weak points. This feed is one of the team's stock to dominate a map.

Who Can Become Rusher
Rusher can be people who have aim and reflex above average. They have to adapt quickly to all the play that takes place and become the person who has the highest initiative in the team.


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