4 Unique Kutacane Transportation Tools

                                                            Boat on the Alas River

Traditional boats

If we talk about the transportation of both modren and traditional in Indonesia, it would be very difficult we find the same name between one area with other areas although the same type of transportation in the form and model, for example in Java known as Delman, Two-wheeler pulled by a horse where the occupants are behind and pack the coachman in front, in Sumatra itself or rather in West Sumatra did not know Delman but Bendi, in lombok itself called Cidomo. Likewise with Transport Using modern machines, each region must have its own distinctive name such as Angkot Padang (West Sumatra), Labi-labi (Aceh), Bajai (Jakarta), Bentor (Medan), etc. Indeed in Aceh better known for the common means of transportation with Labi-labi, eits wait Labi-labi only apply in coastal Aceh yes! In Southeast-South Aceh (Southeast Aceh District, Gayo Lues District, Subulussalam and Singkil Sub-districts), there are other types of transportation that are not unique in terms of model and naming, this time we will discuss the means of transportation in Southeast Aceh Regency which even apply also In his / her districts, as well as his review:

                                                                     Lawe's car

Car lawe

Lawe motor (Red-Car water) is a type of deer capsule modified to passenger, passenger number can reach 20 people with position facing each other. This lawe motor can be said the most popular means of transportation in the southeast aceh, especially for the students, and also workers. No one knows exactly when the type of four-wheeled vehicle to go to southeast Aceh, but in the 80's Camat from Babussalam District, Southeast Aceh Regency is known to have used VW type car in carrying out its duties. Surely you are wondering, why is it called a motor lawe? Because this car often carries water: D, of course not. In the mention in Agara, the car is often called a motorcycle, in contrast to the Java, the motor is defined as Motorcycles. While the reference to lawe is due to, formerly the Lawe motor route is only to areas that begin with the word Lawe or the lower area (Example: Lawe two, lawe horn, lawe deski, lawe sigala-gala, etc.) so knet This motor often screams calling the Prospective passengers with a trio of "Lawee, Laweee, lawee" Motor lawe is also known in Gayo Lues district, Lau baleng (Karo Regency), and Kota Subulussalam with different mention.

                                                              Rickshaw machine

Pedicab Machine 

Pedicab This machine is a mainstay for students or students whose homes are around the city of Kutacane. Not much different from Bentor (Medan) Pedicab machine is a modified motorcycle with plus tub besampingnya with the number of passengers max 3 people, the tariff to ride this pedicab machine Rp. 4,000,00 .- up to Rp. 6,000.00.-

                                                                  becak dayung

Pedicab Rickshaw

 In the early 2000s until 2006, Pedicab Becak revelers to its glory by dominating the streets of Kutacane City, but now it is very difficult for us to look for this very simple means of transportation along the streets of the city of Kutacane, the number may not be up to 5 other people who are still loyal to rowing. This happens because the proliferation of modren transportation and the increasing number of citizens who own kutacane own vehicle. Now the remnants of Becak paddle's glory can only be seen in the markets to transport the groceries of mothers who have just returned from the market.


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