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Point Blank is an FPS-style computer game played online. The game was developed by Zepetto from South Korea and published by Zepetto. In addition to South Korea, this game has its own server in several countries such as Thailand, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, United States, and Peru. In Indonesia, this game is managed by Garena.

Point Blank is about the feud between Free Rebels and the government which in this case is Counter Terrorist Force (CT-Force).

The formation of Free Rebels
The growing number of immigrants who do not get a job and are expelled from the community, so to survive the immigrants then perform various criminal acts from robbery to the circulation of drugs. This criminal action evolved into an organized movement to form an organization called Free Rebels. The goal is none other than to master the whole of the trafficking of drugs and weapons around the world and create fear for society.

The formation of CT-Force
As a result of the conflict with widespread immigrants, the government decided to set up a special organization to deal with the terrorists. Since the establishment of this organization, they began to seek information and the existence of a terrorist organization called Free Rebels. In line with the increasing threat of terrorists, the government then sent the best troop assistance ever in the government who later came and joined and renamed the CT-Force (Counter Terrorist Force)

Point Blank has many unique features that distinguish it from various online games such as Counter Strike, WarRock, and Cross Fire.

Game Mode
Point Blank has 11 game modes, namely:

Death Match
Kill enemy players until your team scores reach the specified score or try to become the team with the most score when the game time runs out.

Bomb Mission
The goal of the Free Rebels team is to blow up an area called bombsite with C4, while the CT-Force team's goal is to prevent the Free Rebels team from detonating the bombsite.

Destroy Mission
Destroy the target object in this mode.

Kill All Zombies.

Take out all the enemies to win the round.

Shotgun Mode
Only shotgun type weapons can be used in this mode.

Sniper Mode
Only sniper rifle type guns can be used in this mode.

Defense Mission
Defend the target object or destroy it

Ally Mission
Survive the dinosaur attack and escape through the door.

Cross Counter
Fight Dinosaurs until time runs out.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Mode
Kill your enemies that are controlled by AIl computer programs. This mode has been removed since 2009 because there are cheats and bugs

Knuckle Mode
Get rid of your enemies by using Bare Fist (boxing glove)

Death Match, AI Mode & Eliminate
Under 23
Taipei City Mall
Grand Bazaar
Burning Hall
Two Towers
Training Camp
Kick Point
Midnight Zone
Up Town
Saint Mansion
Eastern Road
Red Rock
Rush Hour
Old Library
Desert Camp aka Mini Indonesia
Face Rock
Safari 2
Dragon Alley
Angkor Ruins
Ghost Town
Pumkin Hollow
West Station
Bomb Mission
Blow City
Safe House
Sentry Base
Storm Tube
Shopping Center
National Medical Center aka Hospital
Cargo Ship
Rampart Town
Destroy Mission
Breakdown (Blue: Generator, Red: Helicopter)
Helispot (Blue and Red: Helicopter
Giran, this folder has not been updated in Indonesia (Blue: Robot, Red: Animal Robot)

Defense Mission
Black Panther
Dino Mode
Breeding Nest
Dino Uptown
Dino Break Down
Cross Counter
Dino Lab
Saint Mansion
Training Camp
Point Blank has a total of 11 characters each of which is 6. Each character has a different appearance and background. Point Blank also has 4 dinosaur characters.

Acid Pool (Paul)
Paul graduated as the best cop from the University of Elite Police. Paul has a cold attitude. However, due to having a funny style when speaking Paul was nicknamed by his friends the "Acid Pool". Acid Pool (Paul) enrolls to join the police after graduation. Acid Pool (Paul) is then given the task of going to CT-FORCE, because Acid Pool (Paul) has a high ability and often has good tactics. To prove his loyalty and trust to the government, he is willing and ready to fight the now rampant Free Rebels.

Keen Eyes (Ayse)
Keen Eyes (Ayse) is a generation of mixed descendants between indigenous and immigrant populations. Keen Eyes (Ayse) has a very high ability and he is one of the leaders of the police union. For these reasons CT-FORCE is interested and keen to recruit Keen Eyes (Ayse) to join.

Because it is a mixed breed and has a very sharp eye bearing, then by his friends at CT-FORCE nicknamed him with the nickname "Keen Eyes". Keen Eyes (Ayse) is the only mixed breed in police and CT-FORCE. Point Blank character is similar to Acid Pool (Paul) but there are some differences.

At the age of 17 he immigrated to the United States along with his entire family. Because he is of Asian descent he is always harassed by his schoolmates


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