Sejarah Kutacane Aceh Tenggara

The lungs of the world are in Southeast Aceh Regency. This statement is not excessive, because Aceh Tenggara became one of the owners of Gunung Leuser National Park area. This 1,094,692 hectares is included in several districts, namely Southeast Aceh, West Aceh, East Aceh, South Aceh, Central Aceh, Gayo Lues and Langkat (North Sumatra Province).
The national park has a special flora and fauna diversity. It is estimated there are about 3,500 species of flora including rare plants Raflesia atjehensis and Johanesteinimania altifrons (giant umbrella trees) and Rizanthes zippelnii which is the largest, rare and protected flower, with a diameter of 1.5 meters. There are about 130 species of mammals with nearly three quarters of them including the rare species.

Southeast Aceh district is the division of Central Aceh District, the beginning of the kab, Agara (southeast Aceh district) is started when on December 6-December-1957 formed a committee of people's demands Alas and Gayo Lues through a meeting at the upstream school Min Attended by 60 customary leaders of Alas and Gayo lues, and the result was. :
1) The capital of central Aceh was transferred from Tankengon to Kutacane.
2) if it is not possible to move the capital of kutacane to, then the authority of Alas and Gayay lues in making one district which can not be separated from Aceh Province.
On the demand was held a giant meeting in Kutacane which was attended by more than 200,000 people. Finally on 26-juni-1974 kab, Agara was officially opened by the interior minister of H, Amir machmud as a regency independent of the central Aceh district, as well as the first Bupati (Alm) H, shahada.
At the time of the Dutch Government in Indonesia, this small village was not left to be occupied by the Caucasians. Year 1908; His first Dutch entry into Kutacane, when Kutacane is still a small village called Pasir Gala and the Dutch Government itself resides in Kutarih.

In 1920 with particular consideration by the Dutch Government, the administrative center was moved to Pasir Gala, by immigrants and residents began to build houses and stalls around the center of the new Dutch government; Eventually becoming a small town called Kutacane. [The Dutch Government Center in Kutarih was later renamed as Kutacane Lama].

The end of the Dutch Colonial Government, replaced by our elder brother Dai Nippon; Kutacane did not change and until the power of the Japanese Government came to an end, Kutacane was led by a village chief.

At the time of the physical revolution, Aceh as a capital region was not able to be occupied by the Dutch / NICA troops, Kutacane as a small town closest to the battle area became a very safe refuge for refugees from East Sumatra (North Sumatra now). Kutacane is getting crowded and growing in terms of population. For the sake of their survival, newcomers began to clear dense forests into fields and areas along Lawe Alas and Lawe Bulan as paddy fields.
The fertile soil is accompanied by hard work, Kutacane and the surrounding area has grown into a surplus area of ​​rice. Physical revolution ended, trade relations with North Sumatra smoothly.

Very bad communication factor with other Aceh region, especially near neighbor, Takengon, as the capital of Central Aceh Regency (then Aceh Tenggara including Central Aceh), then for the smoothness of government wheel, in former Kewedanaan Tanah Alas and Gayo Lues was formed Representative of Aceh Regency Central in Kutacane. At that time Kutacane was still headed by a village chief who was subject to the administration of Bambel District Government whose capital Bambel. The development of Kutacane with existing activities was increasingly incapable of being administered by a head of the village, for this in 1966 a sub-district of Babussalam was built with its capital Kutacane.


Southeast Aceh Regency is located in a mountainous area with an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level, which is part of the Bukit Barisan mountains. Gunung Lauser National Park which is the largest national reserve area is located in this district. Basically Southeast Aceh Regency region is rich in natural tourism potential, one of them is Alas River which has been widely known as a place of sport of Arung River is very challenging. After experiencing the turbulent and long-lasting turmoil, finally the Regent and Deputy Regent of Southeast Aceh (Hasanuddin Beruh and Syamsul Bahri) on 1 September 2007 was inaugurated by the Governor of NAD.
Generally viewed from the potential for economic development, this region includes the Agricultural Zone. The economic potential of this cool region is coffee and forest products. In the field of Mining, Aceh Tenggara has a very diverse and potential reserve of C-class mining material in its reserves.


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